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Championing, Galvanizing, Librarianizing, and Concretizing our way to better Inter-Cluster Communication (ICC an alternative to BCC)

Think Tanks - a few of us have played around with creating Think Tanks for the Health Unit. Below is a draft Scope of Work. But we haven't had the time to launch one yet.

  • Reviewed "groundbreaking" audit recommendations
    • KMWG already working on some (document repository clean-up, wikis, combining efforts, staff pages)
    • CARE is working on some recs (better search capabilities in new portal, project status reports)
    • Some recs are not feasible or have failed in the past (unit/team-wide collaboration spaces, librarian, expanded SHERA, moreEES_Stamp_Espanol.jpg meetings!)
  • Agreed to update unit at next meeting
  • Agreed to complete wiki clean-up by February
  • Brainstormed a KM fair in late February

  • Recieve Communication Audit from GSU
  • Receive Knowledge Sharing Review from Emory
  • Agree to submit a KM Impact Challenge story
  • Next step Stellar Proposals
  • Review Health Wikis - need to develop a hierarchy / launch in February
  • External Listserv - we decide this is too big for our WG and that we should parking lot it until there are funds and we meet our other goals.

  • New K drive taxonomy agreed on and K drive transformed; input from teams positive so far.
  • Agree to re-organize health wikis and find opptys to consolidate our KS mechanisms
  • Begin determining characteristics of a 'stellar proposal"


KMWG Goals
  • Suggest a more coherent information system that changes behaviors in document creation and use to avoid duplication of effort and ONLY relying on people with KM in their job titles
  • OfferKS strategies for our programs and proposals
  • Where appropriate consolidate our KM efforts
  • More?

Immediate next steps
  • Agree that we are starting with CARE USA and small steps and that there aren’t silver bullet solutions
  • Decide how we are going to reorganize the K drive – Project 1
  • Refresh ourselves on the platforms we are currently using
  • Refresh ourselves how we are encouraging organizational learning in our projects
  • Develop short, medium, long term goals in which of these can be better integrated
  • Create a list of core documents (and parameters) for each cluster (or technical area)
  • Start to develop a TOR for a stellar proposals idea (repository, standards, etc.) – Project 2

Medium next steps
  • Develop a workplan for the KMWG - Project 3
  • Create a shared unit vision for what KM/KS means
  • Develop a simple BCC strategy for unit – Project 4
  • Start to think of what the external face of the HU will be (that is, what will we share with PQI, GAER, etc.)
  • Develop tools for structured sharing/learning to be incorporated in our TA - Project 5
  • Start to think how KS can be incorporated in our APAA discussions/JDs, etc.

Long term next steps
  • Develop ideas for funding “learning initiatives” – that is how do we take the learning initiatives that we individually fund and have them link in with a HU learning initiative (if this is even possible) – Project 6
  • Consolidate (or link) our program learning opptys (i.e. workshops like the CHAN-SRH workshops, regional workshops, telecons with regions or COs that are across health)
  • Develop the external face of the HU – Project 7
  • Institutionalize the KMWG

MEETING June 2010
KM Task Force created and changed name to KM Working Group. Not unanimous...